Be Prepared this Fly Season!

Be Prepared this Fly Season!

With the arrival of spring, also comes the arrival of flies and other insects on the yard and field. To try and make the transition into the season as stress free as possible, we have included a list of our helpful tips and tricks that you can do to manage the flies...

  • Level the Field - As we are coming out of the winter and into the summer, the fields will have become torn up and damaged. To try and reduce the amount of flies in the field, try and fill or level out as many of the holes or ruts that have been created in the previous season. This will help reduce the amount of standing water that is in the field. You can do this by adding soil, sand or even stone. Standing water attracts flies and insects so eliminating this option for them as much as possible will in hand, reduce the amount of flies in your horse's enviroment. This is also the case with field shelters, stables or any other area where you horse will spend time throughout the day. Just take a look around the perimeter and search for where you know water normally gathers. 
  • Remove Manure - In the Autumn/Winter it is very difficult to remove manure from the fields/paddocks however, now we have are having sunnier days, go to the field and try and pick up as much of it as possible. Grab your wheelbarrow and rake and challenge yourself to clear the field. This will reduce the amount of flies that are in the field as they will not be as interested as there isn't manure for them to land on. 
  • Air Flow  - Try and ensure that you are allowing as much air as possible to travel through the areas your horse occupies. If you keep them in the stable throughout the day, use an aisle guard and leave the stable door open if possible. If you are able to, try and swap out stable glass to screens or even leave it open. Doing these steps will help improve air flow and try and keep the flies away as you are giving them multiple opportunites to travel elswehere then getting stuck in a stable block.
  • Stock Up!  - Make sure you are fully equiped going into the season and that you aren't putting your horse in discomfort or harm. It is impossible to elimate all the flies however, you can at least reduce how many are around your horses enviroment. You can shop fly repellentsmasksfly rugs and more to give you and your horse the best fighting chance against flies!
  • Bath Time - When the weather allows, give you horse a thorough bath to remove all dirt and dust as this also attracts flies! Make sure you grab your bathing supplies now so that when the typical british weather changes, you're ready!

Staying ahead of the season and preparing now for their arrival will ensure that your horse is a comfortable, calm and ready to enjoy the weather outside.

You wouldn't go out in the rain without protection so don't send your horse out this season without protection either!

Do you need to restrict your horses grazing this season?

We have a selection of grazing masks and electric fencing to try and make it as easy as possible for you.

Whether you leave them out in the field to graze or section off a part of the field, we have you covered!