Poop Scoops/Manure Collectors

Townfields Saddlers brings you one of the most popular tools on the Stable Yard the Poop Scoop and Manure Collectors. We aim to provide you with the best quality Scoops combining value for money and practicality for those not so nice jobs! We stock the KM Equine Speedskip the Tubtrug Tidee and the Big Tidee

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Tubtrug Big TideeTubtrug Big Tidee
Tubtrug Big Tidee
Tubtrug Big Tidee Colour: Assosrted
Tubtrug Tidee Poop ScoopTubtrug Tidee Poop Scoop
Tubtrug Tidee Poop Scoop
Tidee Poop Scoop  Colours: Assorted Colours

Equine SpeedskipEquine Speedskip
Equine Speedskip
Equine Speedskip Colours: Assorted  
from £11.95