Equestrian Yard Equipment

Equestrian Yard Equipment

Multi-Purpose WheelbarrowMulti-Purpose Wheelbarrow
Multi-Purpose Wheelbarrow
Multi-Purpose Wheelbarrow Conveniently flat-packed in a box, self-assembly required. With an extra rigid and durable polypropylene pan and tubular frame with tipping nose and powder coated finish. Strong and weather resistant, with a pneumatic 350mm tyre and high impact heavy duty wheel. It has a capacity of 90 litres.
Red Gorilla Bin with Clip Lid
Red Gorilla Bin with Clip Lid
Red Gorilla Bin with Clip LidThe Multi-Bin Large is a 100L high-quality bin made from 100% recycled plastic. These bins are UV ray and frost resistant which makes these bins perfect for storing animal food outdoors or using for waste disposal. The bin has quality features such as a deep recessed bottom and reinforced foot. This bin comes with a locking Clip Lid which helps deter rodents.

Roma Bucket CoverRoma Bucket Cover
Roma Bucket Cover
Roma Bucket Cover is a showerproof bucket cover with elasticated edges. This bucket cover is ideal for covering pre-prepared feeds and fits most buckets.
£4.00RRP £4.50SAVE £0.50 (11%)
Shires Ezi-Kit Stable Hook LargeShires Ezi-Kit Stable Hook Large
Shires Ezi-Kit Stable Hook Large
Shires Ezi-Kit Stable Hook are large wall hooks for the stable, great for hanging headcollars, bridles and bits and pieces from. Sold in singles.
£4.25RRP £4.99SAVE £0.74 (14%)

Shires Ezi-Kit Stable Hook SetShires Ezi-Kit Stable Hook Set
Shires Ezi-Kit Stable Hook Set
Shires Ezi-Kit Stable Hook Set are hooks for the stable, great for hanging bits and bobs such as bridles and headcollars. Set of 5.
£6.25RRP £6.99SAVE £0.74 (10%)
Shires Horse and Pony Weighband
Shires Horse and Pony Weighband
Shires Horse and Pony Weighband Strong, easy to clean weighband tape which will measure: girth in centimetres, weight in lbs, weight in kgs and height in hands. Useful for keeping an eye on horse or pony weight all year round.
£4.50RRP £5.25SAVE £0.75 (14%)

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Shires Kick Over Door Bolt
Shires Kick Over Door Bolt Galvanised steel kick over door bolt for added security. Rust proof galvanised steel.
£20.50RRP £22.99SAVE £2.49 (10%)
Surefoot Stanbridge Stable MattingSurefoot Stanbridge Stable Matting
Surefoot Stanbridge Stable Matting
Surefoot Stanbridge Stable Matting Earlswood Supplies Ltd are the UK’s No.1 stable mat supplier. All Surefoot stable mats now carry a 24 month warranty. Made from solid rubber with a bubble top surface and a wide rib base. Suitable for use in stables, horseboxes and walkway applications. Size (meters) - 1.8m X 1.2m Size (inches) - 6ft X 4ft Weight - 34kg

Townfields 110L Poly Wheelbarrow - Green
Townfields 110L Poly Wheelbarrow - Green
Townfields 110L Poly Wheelbarrow Green With Pneumatic Wheel The Perfect addition to the yard, ideal for mucking out, poo picking and gardening.
Townfields 85L Black Steel Wheelbarrow
Townfields 85L Black Steel Wheelbarrow
Townfields 85L Black Steel Wheelbarrow With Pneumatic Wheel The perfect addition to the yard, ideal for mucking out, poo picking and gardening.

Townfields 85L Galvanised Steel Wheelbarrow
Townfields 85L Galvanised Steel Wheelbarrow
Townfields 85L Galvanised Steel Wheelbarrow With Pneumatic Wheel The perfect addition to the yard, ideal for mucking out, poo picking and gardening.
VetSet Sealing Tape
VetSet Sealing Tape
VetSet Sealing Tape Heavy duty, reinforced tape, designed for holding bandages and poultices in position for prolonged periods. Ideal for use on awkward areas and hooves.

Weelie Barrow - ChildWeelie Barrow - Child
Weelie Barrow - Child
Weelie Barrow - Child Just like mum and dad!! Robust and functional child's wheelbarrow. Takes up to 20kg/20 litres. Comes packed flat for assembly. Dimensions (mm): 860L x 430W x 340H.
S140 Stubbs Hose Tidy
S140 Stubbs Hose Tidy
S140 Stubbs Hose Tidy gentle on the hose yet tough steel construction. STUBBYFINE coated. Perfect to wrap your hose around and fix to the wall.

Shires Bale Tidy
Shires Bale Tidy
Shires Bale Tidy is an essential labour saving device for anyone who has to carry bales of hay or straw in their car. A bale shaped bag made from heavy duty nylon with two carrying handles making it easier to carry and keeping your car clean! Dimensions: 59cm (23") x 49cm (19") x 115cm (45").
£20.50RRP £22.99SAVE £2.49 (10%)
Stubbs Tack Step
Stubbs Tack Step
S57 Stubbs Tack Step a grooming kit/box and a mounting block all in one. Respected by professionals this is really tough and has a reinforced lid and steeel handle. It is the perfect item to use in the yard or showring. Handle folds flat to box. STUBBYTHENE moulding to the handle.

WeatherBeeta 1200D Stall Guard
WeatherBeeta 1200D Stall Guard
WeatherBeeta 1200D Stall Guard a strong 1200 denier triple weave stall guard with some good features: Adjustable at the sides to be able to fit most door frames. 4 trigger clips for ease of use. Ideal to keep your horse in place whilst allowing additional air flow and light to enter the stable. A Stubbs S30PL is useful addition with this product.
£38.25RRP £42.50SAVE £4.25 (10%)
Stubbs Wooden Boot Jack
Stubbs Wooden Boot Jack
S22 Stubbs Wooden Boot Jack Ideal for at home or in the lorry this wooden boot jack made from hard wood is a useful accessory.

Stubbs Retro Dry ShelfStubbs Retro Dry Shelf
Stubbs Retro Dry Shelf
S8977 Stubbs Retro Dry Shelf continuing the march of our prestigious collection - the RETRO range - this combination of dark wood and black quality steelwork now materialises as this great character shelf. Fantastic as a display or storage shelf, it is also just as useful for drying numnahs, blankets etc. Very much at home in the tack room, shop, lorry or in the home. Ingenious design, the turned rails...
Stubbs Retro Numnah RackStubbs Retro Numnah Rack
Stubbs Retro Numnah Rack
S9377 Stubbs Retro Numnah Rack is a dark wood beauty with impressive black metalwork, this latest RETRO addition is an immediate bestseller. 5 classically turned poles for storage and display in great style. Supplied compactly for simple slot-together assembly after attaching bracket to the wall. Black STUBBYFINE coated metalwork and dark waxed woodwork. Please allow up to 10 working days delivery...

Stubbs Headcollar HookStubbs Headcollar Hook
Stubbs Headcollar Hook
S28 Stubbs Headcollar Hook strong and substantial this is an old fashioned favourite in production almost 50 years, it is a generous size. Steel construction. STUBBYFINE coated.
Stubbs Sectional Horse BoomStubbs Sectional Horse Boom
Stubbs Sectional Horse Boom
S141 Stubbs Sectional Horse Boom is used by professionals to wash or hose down horses without the usual hazards of a hosepipe on the ground; it also makes the task much easier. The sturdy steel construction, hot dip galvanised after manufacture, is hinged on wall brackets allowing the boom to be folded back to the wall when not in use. Sectionalised into four main parts, maximum piece length 1.2m for...

Stubbs Classic Roto Saddle RackStubbs Classic Roto Saddle Rack
Stubbs Classic Roto Saddle Rack
S1833 Stubbs Classic Roto Saddle Rack Brilliant and simple, this saddle rack rotates 180 degrees to stow - no hinges! Positive location, up or down - secured by gravity. Large dia 32mm/1.25” pole and hefty 18cm horseshoe backplate. STUBBYFINE coated: Black backplate, with pole in any of 7 colours - Grey, Black, Pink, Green, Blue, Red, Purple. Great classic styling
Stubbs Jumbo Hook OnStubbs Jumbo Hook On
Stubbs Jumbo Hook On
S300PE Stubbs Jumbo Hook On featuring a substantial moulding and double strength hooks, this fantastic new feeder is only matched by its capacity. Suits doors up to 55mm thick. The wide, double riveted hooks are STUBBYFINE coated. Please allow up to 10 working days delivery for this item.

Stubbs Plaiting Steps
Stubbs Plaiting Steps
S551 Stubbs Plaiting Steps is perfect for stable, tack room and shop use these steps are strong yet lightweight. Blue enamelled steel frame. Slip resistant aluminium treads and comfortable loop handle. A handy tool for allsorts of jobs on the yard but a good sturdy plaiting step. Please allow up to 10 working days delivery for this item.
Virkon S Disinfectant
Virkon S Disinfectant
Virkon S Disinfectant Sachet a powerful broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant independently proven effective against viral, bacterial and fungal disease-causing organisms. Effective on porous surfaces, in hard water, at low temperatures and in the presence of an organic challenge. Add 1 sachet (50g) to 5 litres of water, read packet carefully prior to use.

Fork and Shovel Holders
Fork and Shovel Holders
S29SB Stubbs Fork and Shovel Holders a terrific set of 5 small tool holders.Simply screw in. With rubber tipped caps and attractively packaged. Bright zinc plated steel. Please note this item has a 10 day delivery lead time.
Stubbs Travel HorseStubbs Travel Horse
Stubbs Travel Horse
S4905 Stubbs Travel Horse so much more convenient a super saddle stand to take to the shows. Single handed, instant operation for the yard, shows, events and home. No clips or latches, this simply works. Great space saving design. Pick one up and you will find out ! Minimises space for storage, travel, freight and warehouse. Red or Black STUBBYFINE coated. Tubular steel construction.

Stubbs Top Door Grilles
Stubbs Top Door Grilles
S3841/S3846 Stubbs Top Door Grilles ideal for the containment of horses and for young or aggressive horses, these can interchange with anti weave grids of the same size. We recommend attaching the sockets with bolts. 12mm rods and flat steel construction, hot dipped and galvanised. STUBBYFINE coated sockets included.
FROM £152.95
Stubbs Extra Door Sockets
Stubbs Extra Door Sockets
S389S Stubbs Extra Door Sockets an additional pair of door sockets that are compatible with Stubbs Anti Weave grilles and top door grilles. Suitable for larger yards so top door grids or grilles can be moved about. These additional brackets can simply be mounted onto the stable door. Sold as a pair.

Stubbs Plastic Feed ScoopStubbs Plastic Feed Scoop
Stubbs Plastic Feed Scoop
S80 Stubbs Plastic Feed Scoop Made from tough 'Stubbythene' moulding with a coated steel handle. Comes with graduated markings and can hold up to 2.7 litres of dry food.
Stubbs Mounting BlockStubbs Mounting Block
Stubbs Mounting Block
S521 Stubbs Mounting Block Step up with ease with this tough durable block. Easy to carry using the rope handle provided, and has a non slip resistant tread.

Stubbs Horsey BallStubbs Horsey Ball
Stubbs Horsey Ball
S421 Stubbs Horsey Ball helps prevent stable vices and boredom, place treats inside to give your horse hours of fun or use a trickle feeder to prevent your horse eating too quickly.
Stubbs Up and OverStubbs Up and Over
Stubbs Up and Over
S523 Stubbs Up and Over Combined mounting block and pole block - what a masterful design with real practical appeal. Based on our most successful 2 step Mountie (S521), this 3 step version is perfect for getting on the larger horse and also schooling when you are on your own. Shallow cups moulded into both sides of all three steps allow creation of a training triple jump. Usual simple rope handle...

Jolly BallJolly Ball
Jolly Ball
Horse Jolly Ball helps to ease boredom and reduce stress. Handle allows horses to carry and toss the ball and provides hours of entertainment for dogs too. Does not need air and won’t deflate.
Stubbs Stable TidyStubbs Stable Tidy
Stubbs Stable Tidy
The Stubbs Stable Tidy is designed to keep outside your stable tidy. Please note the assorted choice could as it states. Can be used for inside or outside stables. Can also be used in the tackroom, trailer, lorry or workshop. Made from an ultra tough stubbythene. Drain hole. Rounded corners. Stubbs logo moulded onto the stable tidy. Height 16 cm, Length 41 cm, weight 0.7 kg.

Stubbs Shoe ScraperStubbs Shoe Scraper
Stubbs Shoe Scraper
S230 Stubbs Shoe Scraper makes a great entrance impression !! a genuine horseshoe sset into a solid steel frame with scraper bars both sides. Seriously heavy duty ! Hot dip galvanised for the ultimate long term durability. The overall size can vary slightly acording to size of horse shoes used. Please note this item is 10 days delivery
Stubbs Saddle MateStubbs Saddle Mate
Stubbs Saddle Mate
S500 Stubbs Saddle Mate ideal for space saving in the car. Made from tough 'Stubbythene' plastic. Putting your arm through this instead of just the saddle means, you carry your saddle horse,grooming kit and saddle all together.

Stubbs Net So EasyStubbs Net So Easy
Stubbs Net So Easy
S101 Stubbs Net So Easy filling nets has never been easier, no matter where the hay is. Heavy enough for stability yet light enough to move to the bale. Heavy duty ring, mounted on strong tubular legs with sure footed rubber feet! It does not rock on uneven ground because it is mounted on three legs. Attachment of legs is easy with just one bolt to each. (Hand tightening of the tube is sufficient without...
Red Gorilla Stir UpRed Gorilla Stir Up
Red Gorilla Stir Up
The Red Gorilla Single piece plastic food stirrer great for the yard and for mixing feeds and supplements into feeds. Sold as assorted colours.

Red Gorilla DripfeedRed Gorilla Dripfeed
Red Gorilla Dripfeed
Red Gorilla Dripfeed ball is designed to improve the general well being of your horse. Simply fill with horse treats or feed and the horse nudges or kicks it around the field. It can alleviate boredom and is a robust durable plastic.
H2 Go Wheelbarrow BagH2 Go Wheelbarrow Bag
H2 Go Wheelbarrow Bag
H2go wheelbarrow water carrier features (100 x 70cm) Winner of Innovation of the Year at BETA International 2010 .Fits neatly inside your wheel barrow to transport up to 80l of water Fitted spout making it easy to pour .Complete with a non slip mat to place in the wheel barrow.

Eazitools Rag-ForkEazitools Rag-Fork
Eazitools Rag-Fork
Eazitools Rag-Fork are Specifically developed to remove ragwort and other paddock weeds quickly and easily, without the use of chemicals. It removes the whole plant including the roots, reducing the possibility of re-growth. Compact and easy to carry around the field. T handle
£31.95RRP £34.50SAVE £2.55 (7%)
Stubbs Sack Trolley/Truck
Stubbs Sack Trolley/Truck
S2302 Stubbs Sack Trolley/Truck first class heavy duty hand sack truck on 20cm wheels. A stalwart product in our range for over 50 years. 15cm long, hot forged foot iron. Blue enamelled steel construction. 200kg capacity.

Fyna-lite Mini Mucka Stable ForkFyna-lite Mini Mucka Stable Fork
Fyna-lite Mini Mucka Stable Fork
Fyna-lite Mini Mucka Stable Fork Fyna-Lite Mini Mucka Shavings fork is a fully functioning fork designed for the very young user (5 to 8 years) Its special lightweight construction allows children to learn good stable management at an early age with ease Suitable for many bedding types Handle 65cm in length, overall length of 80cm.
Stubbs Scraper BrushStubbs Scraper Brush
Stubbs Scraper Brush
S233 Stubbs Scraper Brush grand traditional style that will grace any doorstep and heavy enough not to blow away. Large footprint gives it stability, even on gravel. Wrought iron scrolls and square section handle complement the quality English brushes. Black STUBBYFINE coated. Please allow up to 10 working days delivery for this item

Stubbs Tie Ring King
Stubbs Tie Ring King
S30K Stubbs Tie Ring King with king size and royal quality this is the classiest tie ring in the world. Real horse shoe mounting plate with welded staple to capture the 95mm steel ring. This will grace the best yards. Hot dip galvanised after manufacture. Please allow up to 10 working days delivery for this item
Stubbs Saddle BootyStubbs Saddle Booty
Stubbs Saddle Booty
S4907 Stubbs Saddle Booty the simple answer to carrying saddles in the estate car / 4 x 4 and it folds flat in 2 seconds, to leave clear space. Rubber feet and friction fittings keep it in place; they really work! Lightweight and easy to carry – a real star for travelling. Remains in 1 piece – no parts to lose! Please allow up to 10 working days delivery for this item.

Stubbs Hook On MarkersStubbs Hook On Markers
Stubbs Hook On Markers
S651H Stubbs Hook On Markers Stubbs introduce a hook on version ideally suited to the menage. The clever sloping top of this product easily fits fence rails thick or thin, keeping the letter vertical and highly wind resistant due to its weighty steel design. STUBBYFINE coated and constructed to the usual high quality of our arena markers, but without the need to screw them on! Please allow up to 10...
Stubbs Extendable RailStubbs Extendable Rail
Stubbs Extendable Rail
S8895 Stubbs Extendable Rail great new extendable rug rail that is even easier to use outside the stall. Great for shows too. It simply hooks on to wall or door up to 75mm thick, suiting any bar spacing so long as bars are over 40mm apart. Safely extends from 73cm/29” to 107cm/42”. Highly portable, this has no fixings. However, both ends are provided with a hole for a screw if permanence...
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Equestrian Yard Equipment

A range you certainly need to have a good browse through featuring items from Tubtrug, Stubbs, Fynalite and more. Here you will find products to make things easier and more efficient on and around the stable yard. Stubbs Stable Tidy, Tubtrugs Cutsafe, Jolly Balls and Stubbs Shoe Scrapers to name just a few!