Pelham Coscoquero Roller Mouth Bit

Buckley Bits Pelham Coscoquero Roller Mouth Bit
Buckley Bits Pelham Coscoquero Roller Mouth BitBuckley Bits Pelham Coscoquero Roller Mouth Bit

Pelham Coscoquero Short Shank Roller Mouth Bit

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Product Description

Pelham Coscoquero Roller Mouth Bit the coscoquero pelham is a high ported pelham with a central copper wheel in the middle. The Coscoquero if useful for horses that try to get their tongue over the bit or lean, and can also have the action of raising the horses head. Pelham bits are designed to be used with two reins, the 'snaffle' rein on the larger ring which should have a constant contact, and the curb rein is attached to the smaller loose bottom ring and is used when needed. The small hole in the shank just above the curb ring is for a lip strap, not essential but correct for showing and helps to keep the curb chain flat. If the rider wishes to use only one pair of reins, roundings can be used to join the snaffle and curb rings together and the reins go on the loop of leather to give an action on both mouthpiece and curb when the rein is pulled.

Please note the Longer shank is the more severe option with a bit more action to it.

Customer Reviews

Emoticon 5 "Ordered this bit. Worked amazingly, it also arrived the next next. Fabulous service "
Star Rating 5
"We have a pony that is VERY strong when jumping but if you use a severe bit he drops the contact and gets worried. Having tried nearly 20 different types of bit over the year I thought we may as well try this one. It was like magic. The pony instantly accepted the bit, is comfortable with it and takes the contact forward happily. Although he is still strong our grandaughter has complete control and she is more relaxed and happy making a great combination. We have tried this bit on another strong pony with similar results so am buying another one. An added bonus is the reasonable price."
Star Rating 5
"An abssolutely brilliant bit.I have a soft mouthed thoroughbred that i show,but he wouldnt go forward in a jointed pelham or any other bit i tried,until this one.He comes straight down onto this bit and stays in an outline.In the wrong hands i could imagine this bit to be quite severe,but if used properly,you should get the results youre after,totally recommended"
Star Rating 5